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Kindergarten News

Welcome to Kindergarten (K2)

Mrs. Getrost

Welcome Families,

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few things you might have questions about as we begin the 2017-2018 school year.

*In Kindergarten we utilize ClassDojo for parent communication.  You will receive a sign-up sheet for this during the first week of school.  Please fill out the form and return as soon as possible.  All classroom communication will be delivered to you through ClassDojo on your cell phone or computer.  If you do not have access to either platform, please let me know and I will send a note home in your child's daily folder.

*Please send a beach towel or small blanket with your child.  NO sleeping bags or large pillows please - they do not fit in our lockers.  This will be kept here at school and used every day after lunch for rest time.  The blankets will be sent home once a month for laundering.

*Students must have gym shoes/tennis shoes in order to participate in P.E. class.

*We will have snack time every day.  If you are able to donate a snack, please send 2 large boxes of snacks to share with the class.  The snacks do not have to be in individual sized packages - big boxes are fine.  I will portion them out at snack time.  Some examples would be graham crackers, vanilla wafers, Goldfish crackers, cereal (Fruit Loops, Cheerios) or fruit snacks.  We are NOT able to serve homemade treats.  

*The students will have a red "take home" folder every day in their backpack.  Please look at any papers and/or information in the folder and return the folder the very next school day.  There will also be a Dojo Calendar on the right side of the folder.  Please discuss with your child how their day at school went and initial the chart.  There is a detailed description of this program on the behavior tab of our classroom web page.

*If you need to send me a note, you may put it in your child's red take home folder.  You may also put lunch money in the folder (please put it in a sealed envelope or ziplock baggie labeled with your child's name)  I will check the folders each morning for notes, lunch money and parent initials on the Dojo Calendar.

*You may also contact me through email.  My email address is: 

Family Resource - Technology


Please check out this awesome resource available to you at no cost.  Keegan Korf, Lead Teacher for OPS & Common Sense Media presented at our October PTA meeting regarding the importance of keeping our children safe online and gave handouts with information to help parents to talk with their children about their "digital footprint."  During our STEM Family Night in February, 2018, we will be available to visit with families and distribute the handouts again.  They are filled with valuable information about internet safety, digital citizenship and privacy.  The resources come from Common Sense Media.  They also have a wonderful website that will help guide you and your family through all aspects of using technology and social media.  Please let me know if you would like additional information or would like to visit with me about appropriate technology and screen time allotments for our young learners.  

Check out their online resources here: Common Sense Media